Custom Arrangements

I offer my experience and ideas to the service of your musical productions.

If you write songs or music but don’t know how to or can’t arrange them yourself, all you have to do is to send me a simple recording of a melody sung without any accompaniment and I will deal with everything else.

I’ll send you an arrangement, plus the complete backing track of your song in the key you’d like. You’ve only got to record your voice over the top or keep the original recording which you are allowed to commercialise if need be without any extra cost (royalties)… simple and very efficient. A professional quality production which enables you to have your finished product fully prepared, ready to go.

How do I go about it…

How do I go about it? Email me what you’ve got available in MP3 format (a simple recording of a melody sung without accompaniment or for instance an old arrangement that you are no longer pleased with) Tell me what sort of style of arrangement you’re looking for and if you have any particular requests (certain instruments you’d really like to include for example, a particular atmosphere, etc…) Give me the key in which you’d like the arrangement to be produced (be aware that it is possible to change, to a certain extent, the key later on without deteriorating the sound of the backing track already produced)

I’ll email you your arrangement in WAV and MP3 format and all separate tracks for best future recording and mix conditions.

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